• WINTER 2015 •

Recently... The past year has been so busy and wonderful, filled with many rites of passage. After having a wee bairn, I went back to work on Transparent, an edgy family comedy from the brilliant brain of Jill Soloway, starring Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender woman. I became an editor on the Golden Globe-winning series and cut Episode 8, "Best New Girl" (for which Jill recently received a Directors' Guild of America nomination).

I also assisted the remarkable editor Cate Haight on several other Transparent episodes and on another Amazon series, Mozart in the Jungle, a fun Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola show about New York's classical music world.

Before working on those Amazon series, I edited a feature documentary called Mortified Nation, which aired on the Sundance Channel and is available on Netflix, iTunes & Amazon. Called "inspiring", "comedy gold", and "subversively profound" by LA Weekly, Wired, and The Guardian respectively, it's about a hilarious theater project wherein ordinary people get up on stage and share their childhood diaries, letters, and artwork with hundreds of complete strangers – watch it soon! You can also listen to me tell mortifying stories from my own adolescence on the JV Club, comic actress Janet Varney's fun lady-teen-themed podcast!

"Best New Girl""Best New Girl"